Church of Starbucks

from Maghi

We were speeding down the freeway in the far left lane, heading back to Los Angeles after a week at Ananda Village. My husband, Vasanta, was driving; two friends were in the back seat. We were about ten minutes away from our agreed-upon breakfast stop.

Suddenly, without forethought, I said, “Let’s stop for coffee!” Vasanta is a coffee gourmet and had made converts of us, so the immediate “Yes!” from all present was no surprise.

Still, I had barely finished my sentence before Vasanta crossed three lanes of traffic and started down the exit ramp. The moment we were safely off the freeway, the transmission seized up, stalling the engine and cutting off power to the brakes and steering. Fortunately, there was no traffic, and the car coasted safely to a stop—right in front of Starbucks!

If Vasanta had hesitated at all, we would still have been on the freeway when he lost control of the car.

I don’t think any church uses coffee during the communion service, but for us it will always be a holy beverage!