“This is a beautiful book. What I like best about it is that it instills faith in the reader—a faith born of awareness—that God is not some distant and uninvolved Being, disinterested in our petty human affairs. He hears our every thought, and cares deeply for our true needs. Indeed, He loves us, as His own children.”
—Swami Kriyananda, founder, Ananda World Brotherhood Colonies

“This book is like spiritual popcorn: after each story you tell yourself ‘just one more,’ until suddenly you realize you ate the whole bucket. Some of the stories are dramatic tales of life or death rescue situations, while some incidents are so small they would seem trivial if it weren’t for the loving touch of God so clearly felt by the people involved. And that’s what makes it all so sweet: God cares just as much about the little things as the big things. Though many stories were serious or moving, a large number of them also simply left me laughing. So delightful to see how we can get ourselves into such snarls, and then ‘Ding!’ — the Divine just slips in such a perfectly elegant solution to it all.”
—Brahmachari Tandava, manager, East West Bookshop

“I read this book with so much involvement, as if all these were real time incidents happening in front of me. Throughout it all I felt that I truly was loved and protected, and that God was just waiting for me to know this and trust in it. A daily read to recharge one’s faith in Him.”
—Dr. Harpreet, heart surgeon, Delhi, India

“Imagine how relaxed, joyful, even blissful we would be if we REALLY knew a living, loving God was in charge, and had our best interests in mind always. These sweet, simple stories Asha shares with us do just that! They left me reassured, and hopeful, to the max. Thank you, Asha!”
—Dambara Begley, Gaston, OR

”One day someone came into the shop and asked me to recommend a book. I walked over to the book area and tried to really feel what might be appropriate for her. I told her about Asha Praver’s new book, Love and Protected. I said that I thought she would find some very inspiring stories in it. She bought the book and headed home. Just a week or so ago she came back for a visit and told me that the book had saved her life. She had been really depressed and was not doing well when she remembered the book I had recommended. She thanked me in earnest for sharing it with her. She said that after just a few stories she was feeling much better and soon the feelings of depression were gone.”
-Maghi Weber, Expanding Light Gift Shop, Ananda Village, CA