from Katy Radha Rice

In East Texas, folks have a lot of room in which to spread out. It is a long way from here to there, no matter where you start or where you are going. On the country roads, especially late at night, you drive fast, without much regard for speed limits.

I was pretty new on the meditation path and thrilled to discover that one of my customers in Tyler, Texas, was also a meditator. I made him the last stop of the day so we could meet afterwards for dinner and meditation. My hotel was an hour away in Longview. I had to be ready bright and early the next day, but I often traveled to that area from my home base in Dallas. So I felt comfortable with the drive.

We had a lovely dinner, a peaceful walk in the country, and a great meditation. It was pretty late when I started toward Longview. I was making good time down the dark, deserted road, feeling warmly connected to God and Guru, when I heard a voice say, “Slow down!” I was startled and lifted my foot a little off the gas pedal. Soon the same voice spoke again, more forcefully. “Slow down!” This time I hit the brake, and brought my speed down to twenty-five miles an hour.

A minute later, I rounded a blind curve and found myself heading straight into a small herd of cattle ambling across the road. Cows are big, heavy creatures. A head-on collision can demolish a car and severely injure, even kill, the driver.

I was seconds away from crashing into the broad side of a cow when an Unseen Hand took over and steered me safely through the herd. My hands remained on the wheel, but I was just along for the ride.

Seconds later, back on the open road, I was in charge again. If I had been going faster than twenty-five miles an hour, I don’t think even an Unseen Hand could have saved me from a serious accident.