Collision Course

from Dhiren

The back roads were so much prettier than Highway 6. So even though it took longer, that was my route back and forth to work. It was starting to snow, and as I made the turn off the highway, an inner voice said, “Stay on Route 6.” But I ignored it. Later there was another chance to return to the highway; but when the inner voice again urged me to take that route, I said out loud, “No.”

Not long after, going downhill, I began to slide on the now-icy road. Another driver, waiting at a stop sign, saw me coming, but pulled into the intersection anyway. I plowed into her car, pushing it into a ditch. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

When my car stopped I spoke out loud. “I will never not listen to You again.”

Some years later I was driving home from work in the left lane of an expressway. My exit was coming up and I needed to think about getting over to the right. Suddenly an urgent inner message came: “Move over now!”

This time I didn’t hesitate but immediately changed lanes. Within seconds, a fast-moving vehicle hit from behind the car in the spot I had just vacated.