No More Tears

from Anonymous

I was pregnant with our first child when my husband left me. I continued my daily meditation practice, but calmness eluded me. Mostly I just sat in front of the altar and sobbed. Even after the baby was born, this was my daily routine.

Then one day I sat to meditate and actually meditated! It seemed so natural, I didn’t even think about it until the meditation was almost over. Then I realized that for the first time in eight months I hadn’t cried. In fact, I hadn’t even thought about my husband.

It was so remarkable, I wrote down the date and time. I never cried about him again.

Soon after, I received a letter from my husband’s friend. It was the only letter he ever wrote to me. The two men were together in India, visiting the ashram of the great woman saint, Anandamayi Ma.

The friend told me that my husband had had a long private interview with “Ma,” as the saint is called. In the course of that conversation, my husband told her everything about his life, including how he had abandoned me and our newborn child.
The friend mentioned the date and time of the interview. It was the same day the karma was lifted from me.