Home Sweet Home

from Uma

I moved from California to Italy with two pieces of check-in luggage. Almost everything else I sold or gave away, storing just a few special items for some I-don’t-know-when future.

Going from one Ananda community to another, as I was doing, is not the same as landing in a strange place without anyone to help. I was provided a fully furnished place to live—furnished, however, with someone else’s possessions. Temporarily, they had no need of them.

The day came, however, when they did need them. Having an uplifting place to live has always been important to me, so it was a good spiritual challenge to be left with nothing but a bed and the two suitcases worth of stuff I had brought from California.

I made a long and detailed list of everything I needed, adding a few non-essentials just because they would be lovely. I listed the prices, totaled the cost, and was not surprised that it was way beyond what I could afford.

Then Divine Mother and I had a little discussion. I explained to Her both my finances and my needs. Of course She already knew, but it comforted me to talk to Her about it. Then I folded up the list, put it away, and left it for Her to decide if, when, and how this would work out.

Six months later, everything on that list had been given to me or had come easily at a price I could afford. Even the just-because-they-are-beautiful items came. Plus a washing machine—something so expensive it wasn’t even on the list.

The word miracle was never far from my mind as I watched my little home materialize before my eyes—miracle and trust, faith, and gratitude.