Right Time, Right Prayer

from Asha

Going on a lecture tour was not in itself a daunting prospect. Words come easily to me and I feel it is both my duty and my joy to share with others all that Swami Kriyananda has so patiently shared with me.

Organizing the proposed tour, however, proved to be more than I could do. I had the skill, but not the time. I prayed to Master for help.

That night, the face of my friend Karen appeared to me in a dream. When I awoke I felt God was telling me, “She can help you.”

The next day there was a gathering at Swamiji’s house. When I saw Karen, I told her about my dream and what I felt from it.

“For a long time I have wanted to work closely with Swamiji, the way you have been able to do,” Karen replied. “Often and sincerely I asked God to give me that opportunity. But a year has passed and my prayer has not been answered. Last night it occurred to me that maybe I was asking God to give me something that was not rightfully mine.

“You are close to Swamiji and doing good work sharing his teachings with the public. So last night I prayed, ‘If I can’t work with Swamiji, perhaps I could work with Asha.’”

Organizing that tour was the first of many projects we have done together in the twenty-five years since the night our prayers intersected. Projects that include helping to edit the book you are now reading.