Perfect Timing

from Lewis Howard

When I finally got a job after a long period of unemployment I was grateful to be working again, so I was surprised when I felt a strong inner call to leave for a month to visit the Ananda community. I had read The Path, Swami Kriyananda’s autobiography, and I felt God and Gurus calling me from my home in Texas to spend time in California.

I was so certain of my inner guidance that I bought a plane ticket and made reservations to stay at Ananda’s retreat—all without telling my boss that he would have to do without me for the month of May. I fully expected when he did find out, I would be out of a job.

Finally I couldn’t put it off any longer, and went into his office to tell him. Before I could even open my mouth, my boss said, “I’m sorry, but we are having a slow period, and I’m going to have to lay you off for the entire month of May.”

Then he added, “I’m not firing you. I want you back June 1.”