Go Green

from Lynn Lloyd

When my relationship of many years ended, I lost not only my boyfriend but also my mechanic. When I needed a new car, for the first time I was all on my own. I could only afford a used economy car, but how to tell a good one from a clunker?

After visiting a few car lots I was more confused than ever.

“Lord,” I prayed, “I may be a mechanical idiot but You are not. You have to help me find a reliable, affordable car.” A sense of peace settled over me, and in that moment I caught an inner glimpse of a small green car with a wind foil on the back.

A few days later I decided it was time for God and me to go car shopping. I test-drove a few cars, but even with God as my co-driver, I felt as confused as ever. Then, on the far side of the lot, I saw a green car with a wind foil.

“What is that?” I said, pointing excitedly toward it.

“I can give you a really good price on that one,” the salesman assured me.

I ran over and purchased it on the spot. The salesman was amazed at my sudden transformation from confused and indecisive to knowing exactly what I wanted!

A few hours after I bought the car, it occurred to me that a little “due diligence” might be in order. I looked up the make and model in Consumer Reports.

It had mediocre marks in every category and was definitely not a “Recommended Purchase.”

“You led me to this car,” I said to God. “You helped me pick it out. It is my car now, come what may.”

That little green car ran perfectly without needing a single repair for one hundred and fifty thousand miles.