from Vimala

I am as fascinated with the placement of numbers as I am with the letters of the alphabet. When I changed residences a few years back, I needed a new phone number. So I called AT&T and told the representative that I would like three eights in a row included among the last four digits of my new number. I explained that I’d always had them, and it meant a lot to me to have them again. He was quiet for a few moments as he clicked away at his computer keys, searching.

Finally he told me there were no numbers available like that, and offered several alternatives. None was acceptable. This had taken quite a bit of his time, so I was willing to compromise. “All right, then. What about two eights next to one another, with the other two numbers adding up to eight? I prefer even numbers.” After searching again, he suggested, “What about 3588?” “No. That won’t do. Three and five are odd numbers; as I said, I prefer even numbers.”

At this point I was afraid he was going to disconnect the call(!), but he gave it one last try. “What about 2886?” I was heartened and replied, “Love it. The two and the six are even numbers, and with one of them on either side of the eights, they embrace them as though they were family. Thank you so much for your time and patience.”

We finished the call and, as I hung up the phone, out of curiosity I looked at the telephone keypad to see if 2886 spelled anything. When I “read” 2886 I laughed out loud, looked up to the ceiling, and said aloud to Master, “How EVER did you do that?”

My license plate for twenty-four years has been AUUUUM. One of my websites is I start every class I teach with a prolonged “AUUUUUUM.”

2-8-8-6 spells A-U-U-M.