from Tyagini Naima

My elderly friend had such severe pain in his legs that he could hardly sit, walk, or even lie down comfortably to sleep. He was such a skeptic that I didn’t want to pray for him without his permission.

“Sure,” he chuckled when I asked him. “It won’t do any harm.”

That same night, after my meditation, I asked Divine Mother to ease the pain in his body—and maybe ease his skepticism as well. I left it up to Her and just let the prayer flow from my heart.

The next day I received an email. My friend was astonished. “Amazing” was the only word in the subject line.

“I am without pain for the first time in many weeks,” he wrote. “The medieval term would be that you possess the power of a witch. But this is the twenty-first century, and everything must be explained scientifically. Yet I can make nothing from this unbelievable feeling of suddenly moving about freely, without grinding my teeth in pain. If this is coming from you, you are a very powerful healer. No words of thankfulness can be enough to respond to this miracle.”

He signed himself, “Thankful . . . and deeply puzzled.”

Later, when I explained to him that I have no special powers, I gave the credit to “Mother Nature” flowing through me. His skeptical opinions had been shaken, but “Divine Mother” still seemed like too much of a stretch. Watching him now—months later, still moving around without pain—perhaps someday I will tell him.