Hands Across the Sea

from Maitreyi

What had been chronic back pain for this middle-aged businessman suddenly became much worse. Even with morphine, the pain was so excruciating he couldn’t stand straight. Scans revealed bone overgrowth and fused vertebrae. Too much “fine living,” evidenced by his ample body, had caught up with him. He was admitted into the hospital, then booked on an air ambulance to fly the next morning from our small island to the mainland for emergency surgery.

A work colleague had recommended that he see me. I am known in our community as a healer, but I say it is God who heals. When the man took this sudden turn for the worse he had to cancel our appointment.

I woke the next morning with him on my mind. In meditation, I felt time and distance disappear in the realm of spirit. I imagined him in front of me as I prayed for his higher good. As is usual when I serve in this way, immense energy flowed through me as my hands were gently guided to direct energy where God knew it was needed.

When the healing was done, for some reason I felt I should tell the man about it. He was on the mainland and I was on the island, so I wrote him a letter. A few days later he called. I assumed he wanted to thank me for my prayers in his hour of need.

“You don’t understand,” he said. “Until I received your letter, nothing made any sense!”

He was taken to the aircraft in a wheelchair, he explained, heavily dosed on morphine but still in terrible pain. Halfway through the twenty-minute flight, he told his wife, “Something strange is happening.” When they landed a few minutes later, he stood straight up and walked off the plane, stooping only to climb down the steps, his back perfectly pliable. The pain had vanished.

An ambulance was waiting on the tarmac to take him to the hospital. He accepted the ride, but felt like a fraud for doing so. It was even more awkward and embarrassed when he had to tell the orthopedic surgeon that his back felt just fine.

New scans revealed only perfectly normal vertebrae. Neither he nor the doctor had any explanation.