from Sadhana Devi

From the beginning of my discipleship to Master, I tried to develop with him a personal relationship, to remember him at all times. Sometimes I succeeded; more often I forgot.

One night I went to bed after meditating as usual, and a few hours later found myself in the worst nightmare I have ever had. Malevolent people, dark forces attacking me, frightening noise: it was a perfect picture of hell!

Just when I was about to be beheaded, somehow, even in my subconscious state, I had the presence of mind to call out, “Master!”

Maybe some part of me remembered the story Swamiji told of finding himself in the presence of a dark entity and feeling his consciousness being sucked into that darkness. “Master!” Swamiji had said, and instantly the darkness disappeared.

For me, too, the result was instantaneous. I woke up sweating and trembling, but safe in my own bed.

Unpleasant though it was, that experience was very encouraging to me. I was new and inexperienced, but still, in a moment of need, I remembered to call on Master. And he responded instantly, for he is always there.